About us

A big hello and a little about me to the new visitor to my page.Thank you for joining me on this journey, and I am grateful to those who have stayed and encouraged me. It has had an unfathomable impact on my artistic journey!

I'm Vijayalakshmi, creative head at VEEKRYA, which offers personalised handmade gifts for all occasions.

A little flashback-i am a professional architect from Bengaluru.As an avid art lover since childhood, my passion grew stronger, and in 2017, I founded ARTIZAY with a dear friend. We held numerous art workshops for both adults and children, participated in art exhibitions, and successfully delivered customised orders.

2020 COVID brought many challenges and with heavy heart, we decided to close ARTIZAY.

Major breakthrough-I have learnt that FEAR LIMITS YOU & YOUR VISION! It's a blinder to what's waiting for you a few steps down the road. Believing in your talent, abilities, and self-worth will empower you to walk a brighter path.

In 2022, I took a huge leap of faith and introduced VEEKRYA (Vee's creation) to the universe.

VEEKRYA offers perfect budget-friendly and beautiful gift ideas, which typically include handmade gifts or home decor items. They convey a sense of personal care and warmth. These handmade gifts demonstrate the artist's effort to determine the recipient's preferences. Because of this, personalised handmade gifts are more valuable.

As a result of what I do, I've been able to assist people not only add aesthetics to their work spaces, but also curate bespoke gifts of happiness for all occasions.

At VEEKRYA, we weave dreams, sell stories and make connections.

Every great design begins with a even better story, tell me yours. Help me create one for you!!